podcast production

The new brand recognition platform.

Podcasts are loved. People will listen and engage a lot longer, which only happens in this medium for businesses and experts.

“The coaches for whom I have created podcasts are absolutely thrilled. They not only get their brand out there in such a way that enables trust, BUT they also create opportunities to meet potential clients – so good!” Scarlett Vespa


We start by creating the right podcast name for your brand as a coach, speaker or author. We ensure that the target audience resonates with your vision and brand story.


We design your logo and header, and set up your podcast. We record your intro with music, edit your recordings, and publish them ready for sharing.


We then share your podcast onto over 15 platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., so you can get heard and build your brand!

THE Process

Creating a podcast is like creating a whole new form of communication. The process of finding the right name, the tone and the message you want to send out needs time and thought. Our process will allow that exploration to ensure your brand values sing through the new program we are creating. Most importantly, we aim to make the experience joyous and easy for you.

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