What does Google think of you?

SEO is all about ensuring Google knows you are an EXPERT in your field. Google wants you to provide relevant content throughout your website and online presence – so are you?  

“A good SEO strategy that uses well written articles and good social media is a winning combo we have found. One without the other is like the horse without the cart.” Scarlett Vespa.

site audit

Reviewing whether your website is technically set-up correctly and properly optimised with correct SEO tags, content, images and video is our first job!

keyword selection

Discovering the best SEO keywords for your coaching brand is so important, as well as an exciting in-depth look at your brand language and position.

authority signals

We ensure your website authority increases over time by managing your local listings and implementing social bookmarks.​

THE Process

We love SEO. We start by reviewing the current set-up on your website to understand improvement opportunities. Next, we conduct on-page SEO by finding the best keywords for coaches, speakers and authors and incorporating them onto your website – in SEO tags, headings, copy, image tags and links. We also provide copywriting and content creation for blogs/articles that are fully SEO’d to your keywords, so we can build authority ongoing and find new ways to generate traffic to your site. Finally, we work off-page, optimising your Google My Business profile and using social bookmarking to build trust and authority signals.

If you’re really interested in extending your reach in search engines, we can also run Google Adwords campaigns to not only get you seen quicker, but also learn from ad performance.


To develop your SEO strategy for Google, we believe it takes at least three months to provide you with the best service to allow that flow and rhythm to build your brand and profile. In the first month, we create the SEO strategy, do a site audit, research your best keywords, create your article content (all SEO’d with hero keywords). Then in  the second month, we start implementing the coaching content onto your website and social media.

The packages start from $1,500*.

Ultimately, everyone is unique, so it’s always best to chat with us to talk about your requirements so we can tailor something just for you. Please reach out to speak with us!

*Please note that all currency is in USD.

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