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Your brand voice.

Marketing today is not separate to your business as a coach, speaker or author. Your service or product is part of the story of today. What you offer is linked to the community and the social network. We’re here to help you manage your social media strategy, content, imagery and more.

“COVID-19 made it even more about online connection. So if you are not online, you are not seen – consistency is key.” Scarlett Vespa


Every month we discuss your social media strategy with you, which could be focusing on a product or service or building a conversation about something topical in the media.


We source all imagery for your content - most images are free, but sometimes we choose paid images, the cost of which are included in our management fee. We’ll also try to make use of imagery from your site and other imagery you provide.


We write articles in your brand tone of voice and use your SEO keywords to build your Google ranking, then share your articles on all your social media channels.


We design your feed template and then share your brand quotes or product shout outs! We manage engagement by hand to build your audience authentically.


We will share your Instagram feed and your articles on Facebook. We will also connect with other groups and share the articles and/or your product and services.


If you are focused on Twitter and love it, we will build a community you can connect with and will provide engagement to build your followers authentically.


THE Process

Social media needs to be a consistent conversation that expresses your brand with a voice that is engaging, authentic and helps you grow your business as a coach, speaker or author. Therefore the tools you need to get the right engagement is what we focus on. Quality content is our NUMBER ONE focus, as well as ensuring you are fully guided and looked after on what can be a daunting journey for most. But at Mrs V Marketing, we love it!


To develop your social media strategy for Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, we believe it takes at least 3 months to provide you with the best service to allow that flow and rhythm to build your brand and profile. The first month we create the strategy with you and build all the assets, then in Month 2 we start implementing the content with posting and engagement, then we just keep the build, publishing and engagement flowing together through month. 

The packages start from $1,500*.

Ultimately, everyone is unique, so it’s always best to chat with us to talk about your requirements so that we can tailor something just for you. Please reach out to speak with us!

*Please note that all currency is in USD.

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