video production

Video has the highest engagement today.

When telling your story fast and effectively, video yields the highest impact.

“I was one of the first female Ad Directors, and video is my favourite form of media because it’s emotional – there is nothing like video to bring connection to a brand.” Scarlett Vespa


We will produce TV ads, content for websites, social media and interview series. We will take care of all aspects of the film shoot.


We will edit your footage, provide graphic design and effects, find the right music, record your voice and sound mix and deliver a file to use.​​


Our video production is tailored to your requirements every time. We can write a script or shoot an existing script - whatever the requirement.

THE Process

Video speaks the loudest in media content and we are so proud to be able to produce quality content in a way that is creative, unique and cost effective. We have all our own equipment and work at your place of work, a studio, or a location we find that works for the idea and creative treatment. Scarlett leverages her more than 25 years of experience in directing videos and will bring solutions that will cut through any barriers while delivering way beyond expectations.

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